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“He has told you, O mortal, what is good, and what does Yahweh ask from you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Mic 6:8, LEB)

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My heart beats only for You
I am enraptured by You
Your breath breathing in my lungs
Your love rushing through my blood

Has anyone else that must have Windows Defender installed been "warned" about known safe applications like Tixati and qBittorrent? Is Defender just flagging all torrent applications as unsafe now? :cringefront:

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Hello, calling all NA Artists!

Now that the server is turning five years old.... it's probably time to replace the default images with custom ones.

Here are the specs for each of the three types of images, though the server thumbnail is the most important.


I am noticing an increasing number of new instances in my federated timeline. Many of which are furry trash. One of you is a closet furry as I would not follow such a person that has two degrees of separation from a sex fiend. I will smoke you out :akillitwithfire_rev:

"...[an unbelieving world] will find a thousand reasons not to read the simplest words and read them as they are." - Dr. Randall D. Smith


The mob, they yelled and screamed for justice
That wrath was ours, we are to blame
You made a spectacle of rulers
Denying You of a king's fame :bible: :bible: :bible: :bible: :bible: :bible:

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Deliver me!
Wake me up from this damning sleep
I'm surrendering
Pull me out from this wickedness
In this thieving heart of stone
I realized all these sins
I could not atone

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It's the Lord's day! Happy sabbath everyone! :blobcoffee: :bible:

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Muhammed: unlimited sex slaves, 9yr old marriage, adult men breastfeeding of women they find attractive, wife-beating, 4 to 11 wives = morally good.

Muslims in Michigan: Porn is bad.

*I agree porn is bad, but they really need to give up the Pedo-Rapist, Sex-slave Owner Prophet.

Someone needs to make a "Taken" satire where it leads back to Mohammed, but then they have to be more courageous than SouthPark to film it.

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Happy Sukkot everybody! May you enjoy Yahweh's provision and liberation now and forever! ☺†🌳🌾🗡👑

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@naterade we should start making fake MSM article headlines like "jump roping causing heart attacks in children." Or "pillows causing teenage sudden death syndrome" etc to play their game.
"Transition hormones causing heart attacks in teens".

I'd say use pictures of those who died from the vaxx to raise awareness but perhaps just their name instead as respect to those grieving. Like the Ruby Ridge memes etc.
Not to mock the dead but to push the knowledge via search engines.

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@furgar almost like we started using peanut oil as an adjuvant a few decades ago in something given to kids to illicit an immune response.....🤔......💉👶

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