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One thing I have desired of the Lord, That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord All the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the Lord, And to inquire in His temple.
Psalms 27:4 NKJV

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Vaccines are safe..until your child actually receives one and dies...

or gets diabetes,
or epilepsy,
or food allergies,
or asthma,
or developmental delays,
or cancer,
or MS,
or paralysis,
or anxiety...

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You closed our businesses!

Put people out of work!

You let Grandma die alone in a cold hospital bed, keeping family out!

Closed our churches!

Closed our beaches!

Kept kids out of school!

Forced masks on crying toddlers!

No amnesty for #covidiots, ever!



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My uncle, one of the "Pro-Life Eleven" whom the government is trying very hard to imprison, just had one of his trials thrown out as it became clear the feds were perjuring themselves and falsifying evidence. The judge threw this one case out and is recommending charges against the agents involved.

We are very grateful God didn't let them prevail.

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@Tadano @Zettour At this point my kids are going to grow up thinking gemini is the entirety of internet and that computers haven't advanced beyond Win98, so that they can play Magic School Bus point & click adventures, Encarta, and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.
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Security update!

In light of the recent attack on the admin, which caused the instance to close, I am making several important changes to how FSE operates. These changes are intended to improve the security of the site.

:indiancallcenter: I have doubled FSE's call center staff.
:mcafeesmug: I have installed WINE on the server to run McAfee Antivirus.
:finksmug: FSE will be launching a new diversity initiative.
:cia: You will all be dosed with experimental hallucinogens and then left at a bus station to see what happens.
:chinogun: FSE is now a gun-free zone.
:biden2: The server to wear mask at all times to stop the spread for TWO WEEKS
:helpcomputer: unplug computer
:ban: A different furry will be instance-blocked every hour.
:campbellai: ChatGPT will have the final word in decisions about bans.
:relaxer: I will develop psychokinesis.
:heymateyougottaloicense: Proof of BBC license fees required in order to view posts.
:thankyou: drimk fluoride
:snake: This is a sneaking mission.
:exe: Minecraft mods are banned.
:hellthread: The hellthreads will continue until morale improves.
:putingoggles: Everyone is assumed to be a Russian hacker.
:globalistlocated: A U.N. Peacekeeping Force will be deployed to curb the warfare between the Hutus and Tustsis.
:lainstress: Everyone is required to love lain.
:davidkoreshwat: Religious extremists to be executed by the FBI.
:laughingman: I thought what I'd do was, I'd become one of those deaf-mutes.
:kazpw2: Age hasn't slowed you down one bit.
:metroid: The last metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.
:olmusky: This page best viewed in Netscape Navigator at 800x600.
:misatocalling: It's not creepy if a chick does it.
:terryshades: Run them over with your car.
:hmrichard: Question number one: Do you like hurting other people?
:msf: Welcome to Outer Heaven!

Just learned the *very* hard way that storing backups of a server on the same server (even on a separate physical drive) carries risks. My power supply shorted and killed two SSDs. One was the backup drive, and one was the data drive. Another lesson learned: make sure you have something in place to alert you when offsite backups aren't working. Apparently it hasn't since October. Ugh.

Shower-thoughts project idea: App that runs image processing against Fedi/Nostr/whatever and builds lists of instances/users with a weighted score of how much porn they post so I don't ever have to deal with coomers again :cringefront:

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