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Fun working with Quixel Mixer to make unique materials and figuring out how physics and collision work in UE5.

Pls remember what Jesus said: "Repent: for the kingdom of God is at hand"

- Being a coomer is gross
- Being prideful is cringe
- Being envious of others is pointless

Just be light and salt to the world and stop being so indecent

Made my first custom overcast volumetric cloud scene in UE5. It's very fun! :blobcathuggies:

Its the Lord's day! Be sure to stay comfy in His word.

Made a board to go along with the king. :3 Feel like I'm getting better at this!

Working on my Blender skills and made a King with my own procedural wood texture! Any 3D artists out there I'd love some constructive criticism. Trying to get better at this so I can make the stuff I want to make.

I am now IPv6 certified by HE! Working on getting the troll room hooked up to and this was a requirement for using the HE tunnel for IRC. So hopefully troll room coming soon!!

Going to start taking a tablespoon of turmeric per day to see if it helps my mood. Been hearing great things about it!

Come over to for a decentralized and federated chat. Everyone is welcome! :blobcathuggies: is -

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Join up today! :blobcathuggies:

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