@SirVo I'm gonna venture a guess that it's a newer feature of WD that's not an LTSC thing. Very interesting to take such a stance against a tried and true system of file sharing. Bittorrent =/= Piracy

Has anyone else that must have Windows Defender installed been "warned" about known safe applications like Tixati and qBittorrent? Is Defender just flagging all torrent applications as unsafe now? :cringefront:

@eriner @HopScotch I would venture a guess based on how many of my neighbors call me a "do it yourself kind of guy" for changing my own oil that it isn't particularly common knowledge anymore either. :cringefront:

@TrackerRoo docs.joinmastodon.org/user/net This is my personal instance. I am the only one using this instance, hence my original post. You are suggesting that every ActivityPub server is ingesting the entirety of every other ActivityPub server's content, which would be quite a bit, and does not happen. It is based on relays and degrees of separation based on who you and others on your server follow. :ablobcatbongokeyboard: Now excuse me while I defed some debauchery.

@AndrewTheGreat @ReadyKilowatt @somebodystopme Are the police packing birdshot or something? How did a round from 2 feet away not knock him on his butt?

@Becassine Its all the porn and video game addiction. Doesn't let boys grow up and develop into leaders. Its by design.

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Hello, calling all NA Artists!

Now that the server is turning five years old.... it's probably time to replace the default images with custom ones.

Here are the specs for each of the three types of images, though the server thumbnail is the most important.


@homefi Good point. I will need to rethink strategy.

I am noticing an increasing number of new instances in my federated timeline. Many of which are furry trash. One of you is a closet furry as I would not follow such a person that has two degrees of separation from a sex fiend. I will smoke you out :akillitwithfire_rev:

@jonyoder And he hates sin. What is sin? It is transgression of the law. What is the law? Read the first 3/4ths of the Bible to find out. :ablobcatnod: :bible:

@ReadyKilowatt @DaemonFools Most are probably hitting normie instances that defed the suggested blacklist. Highly doubt their federated timeline is *as* bad as a more freedom-centric instance.

"...[an unbelieving world] will find a thousand reasons not to read the simplest words and read them as they are." - Dr. Randall D. Smith


The mob, they yelled and screamed for justice
That wrath was ours, we are to blame
You made a spectacle of rulers
Denying You of a king's fame :bible: :bible: :bible: :bible: :bible: :bible:

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Deliver me!
Wake me up from this damning sleep
I'm surrendering
Pull me out from this wickedness
In this thieving heart of stone
I realized all these sins
I could not atone

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@Iamthebammbamm @furgar Threw this together really quick to show that the distance of the moon/earth to the observer cannot account for the discrepancy, nor is the alleged orbit of the moon claimed to at any time halve in distance to the earth.

@Becassine @crunklord420 Sometimes I get scared of interjecting into other instance convos :sadcat: but then I remember you all signed up for this too :ablobcatbongokeyboard:

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